IAQML60110 / IAQMP60110


Eurocrystallens Hydrophilic Monofocal Optic

Hydrophilic acrylic 25% WC
Monofocal Optic
Aspheric / Biconvex
via MICS
Natural Yellow / Blue Filter
360° square edge
Preloaded System available

The first and only natural UV chromophore. Natural Yellow filter provides superior performance by protecting the retina without absorbing needed blue light. This natural chromophore gives the patient natural color perception and low light contrast sensitivity for scotopic vision like the young human lens.
Aspheric design helps to pass up increasing spherical aberration in the cornea, thereby eliminating total ocular spherical aberration in improving visual outcome.
Our premium hydrophilic lens is also available in a preloaded «Click & Inject» system.

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