Eurocrystallens Premium Hydrophilic Bifocal Optic

Hydrophilic acrylic 25% WC
Apodized Diffractive Optics
Bifocal with Add. + 3.50D
UV-A absorbing
Natural Yellow / Blue Filter
360° square edge

This Diffractive, Bifocal Foldable lens provides quality vision for near and far distance. The aspheric surface integrated with the diffractive profile is aberration correcting optic, which has been clinically proven to provide excellent vision in all conditions.

The lens is apodised and pupil-independent and the height of each step decreases with increasing diameter. In this way, the apodization helped distributing energy in favour of near vision when reading in bright light and in favour of distance vision when driving at night. Furthermore, and due to our unique copolymer, the distribution of the water content of the raw material (25%) creates an anti-reflective interface in lens. This results in a significant reduction of glare and halos associated with IOL implantation.

In addition to that, the Natural Yellow filter provides superior performance by protecting the retina without absorbing needed blue light. This natural chromophore gives the patient natural color perception and low light contrast sensitivity for scotopic vision like the young human lens.


EUROCRYSTALLENS Intra-Ocular implants are Class IIb medical devices.
This strict capsular bag lens is indicated for cataract surgery.
This product is guaranteed latex and phtalates free.
This product is compatible with magnetic resonance imaging
This product is reserved to healthcare professionnals. Caution, consult instruction for use

*estimates only : surgeons are recommended to use their own values based upon their personal experience.
**Not optimized.


Optimized near add power of +3.5 D works for ideal reading distance at about 40cm.

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